Monro & Turtle are supporters of the women and children's charity, Hagar International. We are proud to donate a percentage of our profits to this important cause. 


Vietnam has experienced significant economic growth and recovery since the Vietnam War. However, women and children often bear the brunt of both Vietnam’s rapid growth through exploitative working conditions and enforced cultural traditions. Human trafficking and domestic violence continue to be prevalent issues; it is believed that as many as 400,000 Vietnamese women and children have been trafficked. 


Hagar supports 1,200 women and child victims of trafficking, domestic violence and exploitation in Vietnam, Cambodia and Afghanistan. It exists as an aftercare agency to restore the lives of women and children that have been devastated by severe human rights abuses including slavery, sexual exploitation, pedophilia, torture and domestic violence. ​Walking the journey of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration, they provide residential and transitional care, medical support, legal aid, counselling, education, family services and employment. They proudly work alongside government partners including the Women’s Union to achieve their fundamental goal of supporting survivors through personal development workshops, art therapy and provision of case management services.


For more information please see www.hagarinternational.org.

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